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13 Twitter List Ideas For Bloggers


It’s no secret that Twitter is an excellent platform for growing your blog or business.  In fact, even our former president, Donald Trump, used the platform to stay connected.

Although Trump doesn’t use the Twitter List feature, many entrepreneurs and businesses use lists to stay organized and manage their feeds.  If you’re a blogger using Twitter to network and connect with your audience, you can definitely benefit from using Twitter Lists for your account, too.

If you’re not using Twitter Lists yet, or haven’t even heard of them, this post gives you 13 Twitter List ideas created with bloggers in mind.

1. Friends & Family Twitter List (Private)

Once you’re following 100 or more Twitter accounts, it’s quite common to miss tweets from your family and friends.

Creating a private list just for them will help you stay connected, and keep you from missing important announcements.


Blogging can be so stressful and overwhelming at times, especially if your blog is also your business.  Staying connected to those important to you is a great way to regroup when you’re feeling stressed out.

Your readers and customers will also appreciate you staying in touch with your family on Twitter.  Why?  Because sharing tweets from loved ones helps to humanize your brand.  Knowing that there’s a real person behind that logo can be a decision maker for some potential customers.

2. Recommended Resources Twitter List (Public)

Help out your followers by creating a Recommended Resources list.  Whatever your niche is, share the wealth of resources you’ve come across on Twitter by adding them to this list.

  • Other Twitter Users – Industry leaders and experts in your niche, especially those that tweet valuable information your followers will appreciate.
  • Valuable Tweets – If you come across a great resource or freebie in your feed, save the tweet to your list.

Don’t Forget To Add Yourself

Be sure to include yourself on the list!

When you add someone to a public Twitter list, that user receives a notification.  They may share your list or mention it in a tweet, which will get your Twitter account more exposure.

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3. Competitors’ Twitter List (Private)

Creating a Twitter list for competitors will help your own Twitter account grow if used wisely.  Be sure to set this list to private for obvious reasons.

Copy Followers

One of the major reasons my Twitter account has so many relevant followers is because of my Mass-Follow Method.

You can use this method to do the same for your own account.  It’s very simple and makes growing your Twitter followers a breeze.

Find a few of the bloggers in your niche that are very similar to yours.  Follow them on Twitter and add them to your Competitors list.

Every time you want to get a quick boost in followers, simply go to one of your competitor’s profiles and click on their Followers list.  Follow as many of their followers as Twitter will allow (up to 1000 per day).

Then, sit back and watch your follower count start climbing.

The best part is that your new followers are most likely in your target audience.  Since they are interested in your competition’s content, they will probably be interested in yours too.

4. Bloggers To Retweet Twitter List (Private)

Set up a private list of bloggers that you can use for content retweets.  You can even save the specific tweets to your list.

Twitter moves so fast that you really need to be sending tweets out at least 7 – 10 times per day.  The odds that the same people will be seeing all those tweets is almost zero, so you can get away with even more if you’re up for it.

Even so, you don’t want to keep tweeting the same thing over and over.  Just like every other platform, you want to share other people’s content, too.

By sharing more than just your own content, you keep your followers engaged with your tweets.  They’ll even seek out your tweets because they know you’re always sharing something of value.  That’s how you set yourself up an authority in your niche.

Retweeting other bloggers’ content is also a great way to get on the radar of the best bloggers in your niche.  That comes in handy when you’re looking for guest post opportunities.  Just sayin’.

5. Followers That Engage With Your Content (Private)

By all means, keep track of those Twitter users that engage with your content.  In my opinion, this is the most valuable Twitter List of all.

You can use the people on this list for a number of reasons including:

  • Beta testers for a new product or service to offer
  • To offer your special promotions or giveaways
  • Running a poll or survey
  • Getting feedback on a potential product or program

Giving these users special treatment is a great idea for building brand loyalty.

Since they’re already interested in your content, these are the people that will probably be interested in your products and services when you monetize.

Spend some time getting to know these users and finding out what they like.

Consider this list when writing your next blog post.  What do these people have in common?  Do they fit your customer avatar profile?  This helps you really zero in on your target audience, or could help you reconsider the content you’re writing.

6.  Potential Customers Twitter List (Private)

Speaking of potential customers, you need a private list for those Twitter users too.

These are users that engage with your content and also fit your customer avatar characteristics.

Before pitching them with a paid product or service, be sure to build a relationship with them.  You can do this by:

  • Mentioning them in tweets where you ask a question
  • Send them a direct message to introduce yourself
  • Send a direct message with a freebie you offer that they will love

This is where Twitter beats the other social media platforms in my opinion.  People want fast and easy results and with Twitter, you can meet those desires.

7. Hashtag Mentions Twitter List (Public)

Do you have a branded hashtag for your blog or business?  If you do, make a public list for all of the tweets that mention your hashtag.

This list serves almost like a list of good reviews and builds trust for your brand.

Other Lists For Hashtag Mentions

For those that do use your hashtag consistently, you could also add them to your Engaged Users list and your Potential Customers list.  Obviously, they already like your brand if they take the time to add your hashtag to their tweets.

8. Customer Recognition Twitter List (Public)

Make a Twitter list of the customers and clients that you work with on Twitter.  Be sure to get their permission first.

No one is more valuable to your blog than your current customers.  These people trusted you enough to pay you for a product or service, so they fricking ROCK!

Give them some recognition by including them on a public list.

Doing so could throw some extra business in their direction, which is always appreciated.  And guess what?  If you’re sending business their way, they are more likely to refer people to you, as well.

9.  Twitter Chat Participants (Public)

Do you host a Twitter chat?  If so, create a Twitter list for the participants.

This will make it easy for you to remind them of the chat date and time, or a quick reminder just before your chat starts.

Having the participants on a public list makes it easy for members to follow each other and connect.

10. Current Customers Twitter List (Private)

Another important Twitter list is for current customers, which should be kept private.

Having your customers on a list makes it easy to stay connected to them.

You can send direct messages to follow up on purchases and thank them for their business.

Your current customers are your best leads for new products.  Using your Current Customers Twitter List makes it super easy to pitch them on a very personal level.

11. Tweet Mentions Twitter List (Public)

Create a public list of all tweets that mention your user name in them.

This list is similar to the Branded Hashtag list and is like a list of great reviews, all about you.

Again, these people already like you and your brand, so give them special treatment.  Engage with them or give them exclusive access to a promotion.

The users on this list can be added to your Potential Customers Twitter List, too.  Pitch them after you build a relationship with them.

12. Niche Interests Twitter List (Public)

Are there other topics that users in your target market would be interested in?  Make lists for each of those topics.

Anything you can do to help your target audience, DO IT.

You could even use these lists to include your affiliate links to products your followers would be interested in.  Boost your income and build your authority with your audience in one shot.

13. Favorite Blogs Twitter List (Public)

Keep track of all of your own favorite bloggers on one list.

Even if they’re not in your niche, give some recognition to the blogs that you enjoy reading.


Getting on the radar of influencers is great, but why not help out your tribe?  If you love a blogger that isn’t necessarily as popular as you, give them some love and include them on this list.

Having a Favorite Blogs Twitter List can open doors for collaborations and guest post opportunities.


There’s my 13 Twitter List Ideas!  I’m confident that you’ll find that using lists to manage your Twitter account will make life much easier.

What types of Twitter lists do you currently use?  Which one of these is your favorite and why?  I love getting your feedback so please leave a comment below.

13 Twitter List Ideas For Bloggers

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