7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business Today

Are you unemployed or stuck in a dead-end job that you dread going to? Have you always wanted to start your own business but keep putting it off?   Maybe you think starting your own business requires a college degree or thousands of dollars that you just don’t have?

If so, then you and I have some things in common, and the information contained in this post is going to change your life.

My Story

Until not so long ago, I was stuck in that “Someday” mentality.  Year after year, “Someday” seemed further and further away.  I had a family to support and the dream of starting my own business seemed like a huge financial risk that I just wasn’t willing to take.

Then I read a blog post that made starting my business a no-brainer.  I really hope this post can do the same for you.

How My “Someday” Became “Today”

In March of 2016, I stumbled across an article on Pinterest that caught my attention. No, it wasn’t a Banana Pudding recipe claiming to be better than mine (none exists, by the way).

The post included the monthly income report from a blogger, claiming to have made over $30,000 in one month! Yeah, right! I’m sure you’re thinking exactly what I was thinking…that’s a crock of bullshit.

But, I was curious and intrigued, so I read the whole post. I then scoured the blogger’s website to find the miracle responsible for generating that $30,000 a month.

To my surprise, there was nothing really earth-shattering (no offense, fellow blogger!) about the website.  I assumed this blogger had just caught a break, like winning the lottery or hitting the big jackpot at the casino.

Using Pinterest’s “More Like This” feature, I read several similar posts. There were even a few with monthly incomes in 6 digits…yes, over $100,000 made in one month! Again, I checked out those blogs to see how this could be possible. Turns out, this is legit!

The $2 Gamble That Changed My Life

After researching these bloggers and what they had in common, I felt like I had just found my long-lost family.  These ladies found their own success by teaching other women how to be successful.  Their stories spoke to me, and I was fired up!

At the time, I was unemployed. When I was laid off from my last position, I was fed up.  Fed up with busting my ass to make other people rich, while I was still making just enough to get by.  I was determined to make my last career move, so I was taking my time, looking for the right opportunity.

I knew I had just found my calling, and with the help of these inspirational bloggers, I set out to start my new online business immediately.

I had only $2 in my checking account at the time, and I really didn’t think that would be enough to get started.  With a little bit of research I found the deals that let me start my business for just $1.38!

If you want the low down on starting your own blog for less than $2, check out How To Start Your Money-Making Blog Like A Pro.

How To Start Your New Money-Making Blog Like A Pro - Nextlevelblogging.com

Turning My Blog Into A Business

Don’t get me wrong, there was a definitely a learning curve for me. I had never built a website before or even written a blog post.  Although I had experience promoting other people’s products and services, I was terrified of promoting myself…especially as a newbie.

I didn’t have blogging experience, but what I did have was plenty of time.  I used it to learn everything I could about professional blogging. I knew I needed to blog about something I was passionate about, so The Curvy Ginger was born, helping people Earn More, Spend Less, and Be Happy.

Earlier this year, I launched Next Level Blogging.  Now I help new bloggers and entrepreneurs like yourself, reach your goals.

When I started out, it definitely wasn’t perfect, and it may not have even been pretty, but I had to start somewhere.  The same goes for you.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business Today

Are you still not convinced that starting your own online business is the right choice? Here are seven reasons why you should.

1. Get Paid To Do Something You Love

If you’ve read this far into my post, chances are you’re not working in a career that you love. You can change that by starting your own online business in a field that you’re truly passionate about.

There are a ton of options for running an online business to sell both products and services. For the future bloggers reading this, same goes for you.

In fact, the most successful bloggers are those that are passionate about the topics they cover.  They are also very connected to their readers and customers, and genuinely enjoy what they do, myself included.  I love what I do, and I love it even more, every time I help one of you follow your passion.

2. Work From Anywhere

As a professional blogger or online business owner, you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world! Anywhere with an internet connection, that is.

No more making the hectic rush-hour commute to get to the dead-end job that you don’t enjoy.

No matter where you’re at, you can check in on your business from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

7 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business Today - Next Level Blogging

3. Jerky Bosses And Coworkers Are History

One of the biggest perks for me is not having to deal with toxic people in the workplace. No more gossip queens, no more egomaniacs, no more office drama, no more jealous brown-nosers trying to steal your thunder.

Dealing with toxic people should not have to be a way of life. Especially if you can control it.

By starting your own online business, you can make jerky coworkers and bosses a thing of the past.

4. Choose Your Own Schedule

I’ve never been a morning person, and finally that doesn’t matter. Honestly, most of my work is done after 9 p.m. into the wee hours of the morning.  As an online business owner, you choose your own schedule.

I’ll keep it real with you though, as an entrepreneur, I now work harder than I ever have.  If you’re not ready to give your all, starting your own business of any kind, is a bad idea. Since I love what I do, the time spent building my business doesn’t feel like work to me at all, and the time flies.

Tailwind free trial - pinterest and instagram scheduling

Yes, marketing your business is an around-the-clock necessity, but there are tools that can help.  Using Tailwind and Hootsuite to schedule my blog and social media posts ahead of time, allows me to focus on other aspects of my business without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s your business, so you call the shots.  If you’re a go-getter, you’ll love the schedule flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship.

5. You Make Money While You Sleep

Now I know that has to sound appealing! Yes, it’s true. Once your blog or online business is up and running, your customers can visit and make a purchase 24/7.

I love waking up to see a new notification from PayPal. There’s nothing more motivating to get my work day going than that.

7 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business Today - Next Level Blogging

Implementing affiliate marketing into my blog posts and social media ads is what brought me over $500 in commissions during my very first month of blogging.

As soon as my website was up, I joined the best affiliate network available and found a free product to promote. I then wrote an informative blog post about that free product, and included my affiliate link. I joined several relevant Facebook groups to promote my post and product in, and to this day, I earn passive income from affiliate marketing.

FlexRev Share Banners2 slice 41 49

Learn more about the affiliate network that connects me with over 11,000 brands in my related post, A Blogger’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing or, if you already have website, click here to get started with FlexOffers for free.

Another way to make passive income is with your own digital products, including online courses, ebooks, or creative downloads.

Most of the successful bloggers making 5 figures or more per month, do so with digital products. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and my own paid, online course is in the works and will launch in January 2018.  I’ll be teaching new online entrepreneurs like yourself how to effectively grow your business and make money using Pinterest.  If you would like more information about my ProBound Pinterest course,  sign up here.

6. No Outrageous Startup Costs

Before the internet, it was quite costly to open a retail store. At the bare minimum, you would’ve had to pay for rent on a storefront if you couldn’t afford to buy a property. Add in utility costs, and you’re looking at several hundred dollars per month…and that’s just for the location!

The internet has made starting a retail business easy and affordable. You can offer a wide variety of products and services online, without outrageous start up costs.

As I mentioned earlier, I started my first profitable blog with less than $2, and if I can do it, so can you!


Get website hosting for less than $2/month with IPage

7. Anyone Can Do It, Including You

If you’ve often thought about starting your own business, why waste another day dreaming?

Find your niche.  What are you passionate about?  Is there a topic that friends and family are always turning to you for your advice or input?

Once you have your niche, start brainstorming ideas for products or services that you could offer.  If you’re not sure yet, that’s okay.  As you research popular websites in your niche, take note of what seems to be working for them.  More importantly, pay attention to what is missing, or what can be improved on.  That’s your bread and butter.

Your success ultimately depends on you and how bad you want it.  The pace of your success is also in your hands.  I don’t advise you to quit your day job just yet, but I do suggest taking a step towards your financial freedom.

You can do this!

What are your reasons for wanting to start your own business?  Let’s keep this conversation going and learn more about each other by connecting on Twitter.  Just click the Tweet below and fill in the blank with your reason for wanting your own business.

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Are you ready to take a chance on yourself?  Click here to get started on your website now.  

Do you need help getting started or help with your website design or social media accounts?  I offer a full range of services for bloggers and small business owners.  For a personalized free quote, email your contact information to quote@nextlevelblogging.com.  

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business Now - Next Level Blogging

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business Today

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