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How To Write Engaging Blog Content In 2022 – 3 Proven Strategies


If you’re trying to figure out what it takes to build a successful blog,  there’s really no one-size-fits-all strategy that works for everyone.  One thing IS for sure, though – you’ve got to learn how to write engaging blog content, first and foremost.

No matter how well you market your blog or how many email subscribers you collect, if your blog posts aren’t up to par, all of your other efforts will fall flat.

Here are three proven strategies to help you write awesome content your readers will love, so you can grow your blog and your business.

1. Have a Thorough Understanding of Your Audience

First, you need a thorough understanding of your audience if you want to write engaging blog content.  

You hear over and over that you have to choose a specific niche for your blog if you want to be successful, right?  The reason that’s so important is because it will help you narrow down who you will be attracting to your blog.

If you’re writing about 10 different topics, you’ll be trying to right for 10 different types of readers.

When you try to please everyone, what usually happens?  That’s right, you end pleasing no one.  That old adage applies to blogging, too.  You want to appeal to a specific audience so you can attract loyal readers that look to you as their expert on a specific topic.

So do yourself a favor – choose a niche!

Create A Target Reader Avatar

Once you have a niche, you have a starting point for who your audience is.  Most new bloggers will only think of their readers on a generic or surface level.  You aren’t most bloggers and actually want to be successful so generic just won’t do.  You need to dive deeper.  What do I mean by that?  Here’s an example:

Surface Level:  I am a travel blogger.  My audience is anyone planning to travel.

Diving Deeper:  I am a travel blogger.  My audience is millennial women travelling through Europe alone on a shoestring budget.

When you dive deeper, you know exactly what your readers want so writing engaging blog content becomes much easier.

Creating a Target Reader Avatar (aka customer avatar) will give you other important reader insights.  It’s much more difficult to write engaging blog content if you don’t understand their motives and needs.  In fact, understanding the demographic you are speaking to, their cultural aspects and philosophies, even their habits and motives, can all help you sell your content to your audience.

When you’re curating your message with tailored information that your audience actually needs, they’re eager to read your next post.

2. Engage Your Audience Through Participation

An engaged audience is an active audience, so try to make your readers feel as if they are part of the process.

There’s more than one way to engage your audience including encouraging feedback, asking for social media shares, or creating polls and surveys.  Pretty much anything that stimulates active participation and makes readers feel like part of your blog community.

Usually, just asking your readers to do something is enough to get them to take action.  If you don’t ask, it may not even cross their mind.

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3. Make Your Content Relevant

In order to attract readers to your blog, the information that you present needs to be relevant to their needs.

Keeping your content fresh will ensure that readers will make you their one-stop-shop for content and industry information.

Don’t let your competitors beat you to it.  Stay up-to-date on what’s trending in your niche and stay one step ahead.  Find trusted resources that are always offering cutting edge information and subscribe to their alerts and email list.

Don’t write the same old recycled information that’s available everywhere else.  So many blogs have outdated information that is no longer relevant, so offering a fresh perspective on popular topics is sure to get you noticed.  Writing relevant content will also encourage more reader interaction, sparking future visits to your blog.


While it is important to deliver dynamic headlines and informative graphics, the words that you use matter the most.  When it comes to writing engaging blog content, it’s important to dare to be different.

Keeping your content current and relevant while making a consistent effort to engage your audience helps you build your brand and your traffic stats.  Knowing and delivering exactly what your readers need, when they need it, will help you build an audience full of raving fans.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on this topic?  How do you make sure that you’re writing engaging blog content?  Please leave your answers and feedback in the Comments section below.

Until next time…

Happy Blogging!

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How To Write Engaging Blog Content In 2022 - 3 Proven Strategies

2 thoughts on “How To Write Engaging Blog Content In 2022 – 3 Proven Strategies”

  1. Thanks Angel, really enjoyed your post and it got me thinking about my target audience. They are moms who want to make money online so that they can stay at home with their kids (and justify that to their husbands).

    1. Kristen, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it inspired you to think about your audience. That’s a great starting point, now take the next step and create an actual target reader avatar (persona of your ideal reader), which requires you to get really specific. Once you do this, you’ll find it much easier to create content, write engaging emails, and even find the perfect ways to monetize that your audience will thank you for.
      Keep me updated 🙂

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