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How To Build A Blogger Tribe That Rocks

Are you wondering how to build a blogger tribe but not sure where to begin?  Have you tried reaching out to other bloggers but receive nothing in return?  In my post Why Building Your Blogger Tribe Is Key To Your Success I went over why you should have a tribe.  Every strong Why needs a strong How, and this post gives you the “how”.

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You know all of the benefits having a tribe can offer you and your blog, (if not learn more here), but where in the heck do you find them?  You’ve reached out to a couple of your favorite bloggers with no success, so what now?

If you’re still working on building your tribe, don’t get discouraged!  There are several places to find bloggers for your tribe that are loyal, and can’t wait to meet you.

1. Check Your Inner Circle

Most of us aren’t this lucky, but start with your immediate circle first. Are any of your friends or family members bloggers?

Probably not, so keep on reading.  There are plenty of other places to look.

2. Build Your Email List

Have you started building your email list?  If so, it’s quite likely that at least a few of your subscribers are bloggers, so reach out to them.

Get to know those on your email list by asking questions that will prompt them to hit “reply” and answer you.  You may find that your closest tribe members are already there, just waiting for you to reach out.

If you haven’t started your email list, or if you just don’t know what to do with it, try ConvertKit.  ConvertKit will help you segment your list and set up customized emails that will make your subscribers feel valued.  So be sure to tag those subscribers that are also part of your blogger tribe so they don’t get lost in your thousands of subscribers.  You don’t have thousands of subscribers, you say?  Don’t worry, if you keep following my advice, someday you will 🙂

3. Reach Out To Other Bloggers In Your Niche

Find several other blogs in your niche, and not just the most popular.  Read their posts and subscribe to their email lists.

Leave genuine and engaging comments on several posts, to get your name on their radar.  Ask questions related to the content, and you’re sure to get an answer.

Don’t forget to share their content, too.  Not only will the blogger appreciate it, your audience will also appreciate the change of pace.

Becoming a subscriber to other blogs will also give you an idea of how others are building their lists and nurturing their subscribers, which are similar to your own readers.  This is a great way to start learning about sales funnels in your niche, even if you’re just starting out.  We all have something to learn and what better teachers than our fellow bloggers?

4. Email Bloggers Directly

Send an email to a few bloggers in your niche introducing yourself.  Be sure to mention how they have helped you grow, or what you love about their content.  We all love flattery, and not many of us will let an email like that go unanswered.  Whatever you do, don’t ask for promotion of your own content at this point.  Be genuine, not self-promoting.

5. Reference Other Bloggers

Reference other bloggers that you would like to have in your tribe within your own posts. Does your favorite blogger make an awesome suggestion that fits into your post topic?  Mention it in your post and link back to their blog.

Send that blogger an email letting them know you’ve referenced them in a post and include the link so they can check it out.

Most likely, they will read your post and be flattered to be featured.  I recommend not asking them to share your content unless you’ve engaged with them enough that they already know you by name.  If they like what they read, they’ll share it without being asked.

6. Connect On Social Media

Social Media presents all sorts of new opportunities to grow your blogger tribe.  Each platform is different, so be sure to use each one to it’s full potential.

Research Bloggers On Pinterest

Pinterest presents several ways to get to know other bloggers.  If you’re not totally hip to Pinterest yet, I have a post that will help you get your business profile set up like a pro, which you can check out here.

Once you’re active on Pinterest, start looking for other bloggers that you’d like to connect with.  Follow their profiles and repin their content.

If you really want to catch their attention, comment on their pins.  Unlike other platforms, comments are not as commonplace, so leaving a comment on a pin will put you on their radar.

A great way to find other bloggers on Pinterest is by joining group boards.  You’ll find even more content in your niche that you might not find on your own, plus you’ll boost your own traffic with your pins. It’s a win-win.  I have about 20 niche-specific group boards that you are welcome to collaborate on.  Just follow me on Pinterest here, the message me with your request.

The latest and greatest for Pinterest, that helps take group boards to a new level, are Tailwind tribes. Tailwind is the best Pinterest tool available, in my opinion, since it makes scheduling pins a breeze.  They have now added these tribes, which are free even if you don’t use Tailwind!  With Tailwind Tribes you can pin your own content, but like group boards, you’ll also see hundreds, if not thousands, of other bloggers that you can connect with.

Get your first month of Tailwind Pro free, and see for yourself how amazing this tool is for yourself.

Join Twitter

I love Twitter for connecting with other bloggers and you will too, once you know how.

Use the Twitter search feature to find bloggers by hashtags used in your niche.  If you’re not sure, you can use #bloggers which is popular for all niches.

Once you find them, follow them, like and comment on their tweets, and retweet their content.  Most of them will probably follow you back and be happy to return the favor.

Many bloggers participate in Twitter parties, offering another opportunity to build your tribe. These Twitter parties give you a chance to connect instantly in some cases, since they are scheduled.

If you aren’t on Twitter yet, or just want the low-down on how using Twitter can benefit your blog, check out my related post Mastering The Power Of Twitter To Promote Your Blog

Facebook Groups

One of my favorite places to find other bloggers for my tribe is in Facebook groups.  There are hundreds of groups for bloggers and most of the them encourage engaging with the other members.

These groups offer promotion threads so you can share your content and have other bloggers help promote your work.  For more information on how these groups work, check out my related post The Truth About Blogger Facebook Groups Revealed.

Start getting to know other bloggers right now by joining the Next Level Facebook group. We’d love to have you!

7. Hire A Blogging Coach

Whew! You’ve just taken in a ton of useful information about how to build your blogger tribe. Did you know that Next Level Blogging offers services built around making you a successful blogger?  Check out the Services page to learn more, or shoot me an email at with your goals and I’ll get back to you with a free personalized quote.

Your Turn

Have you started building your blogger tribe?  If so, what benefits have you realized by leaning on your tribe?   I love hearing from you so please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Until next time…

Happy Blogging!

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How To Build A Blogger Tribe That Rocks

25 thoughts on “How To Build A Blogger Tribe That Rocks”

  1. Oh goodness. Reading this blog just reminded me that I need to do something with my subscriber list ASAP. I’ve got plenty of subscribers, but I have yet to send out a newsletter. Oops.

    1. Hi Missy! That’s great that you’re building your email list and have subscribers, so you’re on the right track. Even if you don’t send a newsletter just yet, at least try to send something, so you don’t fall off their radar. Let me know if I can be of any help 🙂


    I have been working quite a bit on list building. I end more of a fun story rather than images and a newsletter and have seen a better open rate too

  3. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for your generous post. I am considering to be more agressive in this area and your points are much useful. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Blair. I can’t say enough about how much the support of other bloggers has helped me get where I am today.

      Feel free to send me an email directly (, if you’d like to connect 🙂

  4. Finding a loyal blogger tribe is definitely a bit of an issue. They come and go and there is always a small core group left behind that are still plugging along.

  5. This is a ton of info! Amazing. I agree that with email lists, sometimes all you have to do to get your readers to reply back to you is ask engaging questions. I’ve had some success with that. Great idea commenting on bloggers pins. I always take notice when someone does. My favorite that you mentioned is also the Facebook groups. They can be so so helpful, for beginning and experienced bloggers!

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