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How To Use Blogger Facebook Groups To Grow Your New Blog

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This post may contain affiliate links.  If you use one of these links to make a purchase, I may receive a commission.  If you do, thanks for your support! 

How To Use Blogger Facebook Groups To Grow Your New Blog

Did you know that there are dozens of opportunities available for you to promote your blog posts, drive traffic to your blog, gain new social media followers, and convert email subscribers?  

These opportunities are free and available right now, by joining blogger Facebook groups!

How To Use Blogger Facebook Groups To Grow Your Blog

Joining blogger Facebook groups is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic on your blog.  Participating in these groups can also increase post shares and engagement.

That being said, it’s still important to know what you’re getting into before joining these blogger Facebook groups.

It’s also good to know ahead of time what will be expected of you, as a member.  A description of the group can usually be found on the group home page, and the details are usually included in the group rules.

So what should you look for when joining blogger Facebook groups?  

Group Rules

When joining a new Facebook group, do everyone a favor please, and read the group rules.  They will vary from group to group, and will usually be pinned as the first post on the group home page or feed.

Read the rules, and more importantly, follow them!  If you are serious about being a successful blogger, you have to be willing to help other bloggers succeed, as well.

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Spread The Love

When you became a blogger, you joined a community of amazing and talented people that can help you reach your goals.  The more you contribute to the community, the more benefits you will reap for your own blog.

Even if you’re new to blogging, you’ve probably already realized that your friends and family aren’t your best support.  They’re not going to share all of your posts or take time to leave comments on your blog.

They’re also not going to be recommending plugins that can help with SEO, or retweeting your post about where to find free images for your blog.

Do you know who will be there to help you with everything related to your blog?  Your blogging tribe, that’s who.  Blogger Facebook groups are a great place to start networking and meeting other bloggers, so you can build your own tribe.

But just like any relationship, you have to be willing to do your part, as well.  Spread the love by actively engaging with other members in the groups you join, and by all means, follow the rules!

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Promotion Threads

Most blogger Facebook groups offer promotion threads, on a daily or weekly basis, for you to participate in.  These threads allow you to promote your blog and social media posts.   These threads help to increase engagement and traffic on your blog.

If you participate in the thread, you’ll be required to reciprocate.   By sharing the love, you’ll be helping other bloggers reach their goals, too.

Blog Comment Threads

Many of the groups for bloggers offer a thread allowing you to leave a link to your most recent blog post, for others to read and leave a comment on.  In return, you are expected to comment on the other blog posts in the thread.

Giving Comments

When leaving a comment on another blog, make it count!  Don’t just write “nice post”, or “thanks for sharing”.  Write a comment that you would want, if it were your post.

Even if the content is not a topic you are interested in, it is still possible to leave a meaningful comment.

Provide your feedback on how well the post is written, or the quality of the images used.

If you clicked on a link that doesn’t work or notice something not quite right, leave that in your comment.

If the topic does resonate with you, leave a detailed comment expressing how and why you enjoyed the post.  Mention how the writer grabbed your attention, and set themselves apart from other posts on the topic.

Receiving Comments

When you receive a comment on your blog post, acknowledge and reply to it as soon as possible.  Use your comment thread as a way to connect with your readers.

Thank the reader for commenting, and respond appropriately, by answering any questions included in the comment.

This is a also a great opportunity to  encourage a call-to-action from the reader.  You can ask them to follow you on social media or tell them about a cool freebie you offer.

Getting to know your readers will help you write better content, that is more focused on your target audience.  Always keep in mind that your readers are your potential customers.   Responding to their comments quickly and answering their questions helps to build authority and trust in your brand.


Follow For Follow

Another popular promo thread type in blogger Facebook groups is the Follow for Follow.

You leave a link to one of your social media accounts in the thread, and in return you’re expected to follow the accounts of other participants in the thread.

The Controversy

Many bloggers find this to be a poor strategy for gaining new followers.  No one wants their social media feeds bombarded with content that has no relevance to their brand or interests.  So they follow to meet the requirements of the thread, then later unfollow.

Time and time again, I’ve seen participants complaining about other bloggers unfollowing later, feeling cheated because they have lost a few followers that were gained from the thread.

This isn’t a numbers game!  If someone isn’t interested in your content, that’s okay!  Stop getting your panties in a bunch over numbers.

Don’t be a Debbie-Downer…if people aren’t interested in your content, you may be participating in the wrong threads. Don’t bring the group down by complaining and saying mean things about other members.  Suck it up, Buttercup.

Why Even Bother?

Should you even participate in these threads, if people are just going to unfollow later?

Hell, yeah, you should!  Even though not every participant is interested in your content, some of them are! If you don’t participate, you lose the opportunity to get your blog in front of the eyes of those that are interested.

You also get the chance to find new bloggers to follow, that can add variety to the content that you share with your social media followers.

So, go ahead and unfollow those accounts that you find irrelevant, without the guilt.  It’s okay.

However, if you participate in a promo thread by promoting your post or social media account, you should always follow the rules of the thread.  If you’re not willing to follow the rules of the thread, don’t participate!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”A5deY” via=”yes” ]Go ahead and \”unfollow\” those accounts that are irrelevant to the theme of your content, without the guilt. It\’s okay![/ctt]

Post Shares

The post share promo thread is one of the most popular and easiest to participate in.  In the comment thread, you add a link to a post, pin, or tweet, and other bloggers will share it with their social media audience.  In return, your required to do the same, for other bloggers participating in the thread.

Content Variety

Participating in these threads is a great way to fill in your social media content calendar.  You should be posting on your accounts regularly, and sometimes that looks a bit spammy if it’s all you, you, you.

By participating in these threads, and using a tool like Buffer or Tailwind to schedule your social media posts, you can provide your audience fresh content on a regular basis.  Your audience will appreciate the change of pace.

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Revive Old Content

If you have older blog posts that aren’t getting much traffic anymore, post share threads are a way to bring them back to life.

Your old posts will get new attention, like retweets and repins, and be seen by a fresh audience.

You’re not locked in to only sharing your latest post in the post share threads, so think outside of the box, and increase your blog’s traffic.

Next Level Bloggers Facebook Group

Now that we’ve covered Facebook group etiquette, and the benefits of joining these groups, I’d like to invite you to join the Next Level Bloggers Facebook group.

The Next Level Bloggers Facebook group offers daily promotion threads as discussed in this post, and our members are truly dedicated to making their blogs, and your blog, successful.

Next Level Bloggers focuses on providing support and guidance to bloggers, and providing clear, actionable steps to making blog success inevitable.  This group is a great place to start, especially if you’re new to Facebook groups.

Conclusion – Blogger Facebook Groups

Truth is, joining a blogger Facebook group has the potential to drive new traffic to your blog, and help broaden your blog’s audience reach.  To put it simply, the groups work, if you work them.

As bloggers, we need to stop going through the motions, and reciprocate with the same effort that we put into promoting our own blogs.

If you’re not willing to help out your fellow bloggers, and you’re still not sure that promoting others will aid in your blog’s success, Facebook groups are not the place for you.

 What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do you belong to any blogger Facebook groups and participate in promotional threads?  Do you have ideas that would make these groups better?

Leave your answers as a comment below.  If you prefer, let’s continue this conversation by connecting on Twitter or Facebook.  You can also find out what else Next Level Blogging can do to make your blog’s success inevitable by clicking here.


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62 thoughts on “How To Use Blogger Facebook Groups To Grow Your New Blog”

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  2. Elizabeth O

    The groups have been a mixed blessing for me but I don’t have time for regrets. We get what we give. That said, I’ve read a bit about this and I’ll take another look. Sounds interesting. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this. This is great. I am new to blogging facebook groups and it is sometimes so hard to keep up with all the posts, comments, likes, shares, etc. Sometimes you miss one here or there and then get called out like it is an effing preschool haha.

    1. Yes, some groups are very strict! I personally appreciate the call-out, because, like you said, I miss a few here and there, and the call-out is a reminder to finish the thread. But that’s just me.
      I hope to see you in our group 🙂

      1. I have joined a few facebook groups and joined threads, it takes a lot of time 8 hours a night to finish threads and join the next days. It stings to be called out, as I try so hard not to miss any. Unfortunately we are not seeing a lot of traffic growth from it. My husband has amazing talent writing, for most of our marriage, he would be upset that he felt he had no talent, so when he started writing many of us were blown away. I wish he would have tried it sooner. I want to help him/us succeed, the goal is for us both to work from home.

        For the May 25th GDPR thing, I made our sites compliant. Which has meant losing the analytics from anyone in the EU – since almost no one accepts the cookies (literally have had only 3 since May). Several of the group members are from the EU that we exchange with. We set analytics as “anonymous”, I have heard we can enable this and still be compliant, but it still would create a cookie so I’m not sure how it can be enabled and be compliant. So I just went with everything off till the cookies are accepted.

        If I see a cookie banner I accept it. Because I know how it affects the sites.

  4. I am fairly new to blogging, and have found a few FB groups to join. I have seen growth on my social media, but still little activity on my blog itself. Being new, sometimes I struggle with some of the verbiage being used, blog slang, etc; and therefore feel stupid when having to ask what some words mean, or how certain plug-ins work, etc. I love the beautiful graphics being used on most bligs; but my graphics (pictures) I post seem to have no life! So, I’m hoping to gain tons of new knowledge from the Next Level group!!

    1. Hi Christi! I’m so glad you decided to comment!
      I’m going to check out your blog, specifically your images, to see if I can tell what you feel is lacking. I will send you an email with some pointers on adding some pizazz to your images.
      I’m about to release a post dealing specifically with images, as well. Did you join my mailing list? Watch your inbox for my emails, and feel free to send me a message with any of your questions.
      I’d love to help and look forward to your participation in the NLB Facebook group.

  5. My blog stats – alexa, DA, PA and others – were improved since I joined FB bloggers group. Really a big help just try to be a responsible member at all times.

  6. I love Facebook Blogger Groups!! They have given me so much insights on so many topics I was struggling with & I found so many amazing blogs via these groups!! They are amazing!!

  7. Great post. Facebook groups are great, we join them so that we can engage one that’s similar to our niche. On Facebook groups we can collaborate and share ideas with other bloggers. I would like to be a member of your group too, still pending for approval I guess.

  8. I’m a member of couple of fb groups. I need to say it’s really good community. Some bloggers are really helpful:)

  9. As a blogger, I am really really really love this post.
    Blogger groups in FACEBOOK are very useful, especially for the new bloggers like me that sometimes we are dangling alone in our own page. But, after joining several groups, everything seems so different. Nice sharing!

  10. Yeah! Facebook threads are a big help to my blogging endeavor. I’ve even known other bloggers I haven’t met personally but seems like Iv’e known them for a long time already.

  11. There have been a couple of times numbers popped up for me (sponsor requests) but mostly I don’t worry about them. That is good advice.

  12. Nancy G

    Love. Love Love your post! I am in quite a number of blogger groups and have made some amazing connections with JV opportunities or just mutual support that went beyond the thread. It can be annoying when others write “Great post” “Thanks for this” or some other meaningless comment. I tend to delete or not approve those 🙂
    Every blogger who joins threads +THEIR VA´s 🙂 should read your article.
    All the best with your NL Blogging group. I bet its rocking!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Initially I was going to call the post “Hey Bloggers, Let’s Stop the Bullshit” but as I started writing, I realized that maybe some bloggers just don’t know what they should be doing in these groups, or how participating can be beneficial, and just need some guidance.

      I really appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll give our Facebook group a try.

  13. Colleen Wool

    I am a huge fan of facebook blogger groups. They have helped me so much in number of views!

  14. Thank you for this post ! I am only 15 days old in blogging and only joined 1 facebook group today ! Already realising it’s benefits, thanks again !

  15. I just left a group I didn’t feel was productive. I spent way too much time and received very little meaningful reciprocation. You do have to be selective and give what you want to get. I do feel I have made some friends in another group and the more we interact, the better the comments have gotten and we understand what we are each looking for.

    1. That’s great, Stacey. It’s great to connect with other bloggers, and these groups make it easy.
      Sounds like you made the right choice by leaving the group. I usually stay too long, hoping things will change!

  16. Such an informative post! I’ve been doing most of these things and they definitely help, a lot. The only thing left is to join Next Level Bloggers 🙂 Done, and Done. Thank you so much for this post!

  17. As a blogging group administrator – I have to say, I love this post! I especially agree with the part about knowing and following the rules – and sharing the love (otherwise, what’s the point in joining!?).

  18. I’m a fan of Facebook groups for sure. I struggle with reciprocating in a timely manner though. I’m so busy, the only time I get to work on anything blog-related is around 11pm-3am, which doesn’t rearly work since I’d love to sleep at some point …

    1. I hear ya, Jaclyn.
      I used to have that problem, too, but came up with a solution. I set aside 1 hour totally devoted to groups. First I check yesterday’s threads to see if I need to finish up any reciprocating obligations. Then, when I drop a link in a thread, I do my reciprocation immediately, to get it out of the way. This system seems to be working for me.

  19. Amy Nickson

    The article looks great and you highlighted one of the most important aspect of blogging.

    1. I don’t know…I was waiting for a response on that one. I know that some sponsored posts offer pay-per-click. I will get some more info & get back to you.

  20. Angel,

    You’ve just shared an awesome post about Facebook group that I found really valuable.

    Facebook groups are awesome, especially when you join an engaging one that’s similar to your niche.

    Most people use Facebook group for spamming and this really get them nowhere.

    You can interact, collaborate and share ideas with other bloggers in the group.

    Now, that awesome stuff!

    I’m a member of some Facebook groups and it was really one of the reasons I successfully launched a best selling book about WordPress (my best CMS) on Amazon:

    From the book title, to the book cover, to feedback on the book’s content: the feedback was amazing!

    I’ve gotten great results from Facebook groups and I totally agree with the points you raised, you rock!

    PS: Glad you finally launched your blog. All the best. Please would you change your author’s name from NextLevelBlogging to Angel. This gives me an impression that you’re a real person and pave way for hackers!

  21. I’ve just recently started using and participating in Facebook groups and I love it! It’s a game changer for me. I’ve been picking up the rules and getting the hang of it as I go, but this post would have made it a lot easier from the beginning. Definitely sharing this post with some friends who are also trying to build their blogs! Thank you ?

    1. I appreciate your feedback and sharing with your friends! I agree, the Facebook groups have been game-changing for me, as well. I’m glad you found the value in this post, and hope to see you in our Facebook group!

  22. I actually love the facebook group for blogger. Not only I found so many great blogs to read with, I have made new friends with some of them as well. I personally benefit a lot from reading many fabulous blog.

    1. Yes, I agree Anmaria. I have met some very cool bloggers that I probably wouldn’t have, otherwise. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  23. Thank you for confirming some the ideas I had about facebook groups. I agree with you that it is better to participate actively than not at all. And I have seen more engagement with my blog since I started engaging in the content of other bloggers. I’ll be joining your group as Zen Maud.

  24. Facebook groups have been my primary source of traffic since I started blogging seriously. They brought me views, shares, comments and I got to read so many other bloggers. Not everyone wrote about stuff that interested me, but I still read as many blogs as I can because I learn so much! Writing style, blog themes, pictures etc. You can learn so much from everyone without even realising it.

    1. Exactly! That’s why it’s so frustrating when bloggers drop their blog link and run without contributing…not only do they do a disservice to the other bloggers, but also to their own blog’s success. We all have something to teach, and we all have something to learn. I guess those people end up going away eventually, it’s just sad that they don’t recognize the value of reciprocating. Thanks for the feedback, Farwa! And glad to have you in our group.

  25. These are great tips. The only one I disagree with is the tip about the follow for follow. If you’re going to unfollow someone later, why bother in the first place? I think it’s better to only follow sites that you’re truly interested in, and engage with the posts. That way, you can build a community.

    1. I only suggest following, if it’s a requirement of the thread, and to try out their content. I don’t think you should follow, if you already plan to unfollow from jump. You are right about that, just be ready for the “thread police”!! Lol. Thanks for your input, Fabiola 🙂

  26. This is a helpful post. I will pin for later so I can re read and do! I really need to work out blogging for Facebook! Thanks

  27. I like these groups, I don’t participate in the ‘follow for follow’ stuff, but the sharing threads are definitely helpful. I also have discovered some really excellent blogs which I comment on genuinely and have also had the chance to post several guest blogs for others!

    1. That’s a great point, Tamsin! Facebook groups are a great place to find guest post and collaboration opportunities, as well. Thanks!

  28. I was kinda hoping for a list of groups. But at least there is one, and a new one to me as well

  29. Thanks for this. I’m new to blogging groups. I’m still very green at it and getting comfortable with the guidelines. What I’ve really enjoyed is that by commenting on blogs I actually get a chance to read new material that I may not have stumbled on before. I’m going to look at your group too. 😉

  30. Love blogging facebook groups they have proven to be so helpful in sharing my content- and when you get paid for shared views…

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