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The Most Popular Blog Post Ideas For May


If you’re looking for the inside scoop on popular blog post ideas for May, I’ve got you covered! Find out what you should be writing about to get more traffic and make the most of your affiliate links.

Use A Content Calendar

It’s always smart to plan your blog content ahead of time.  This will help you stay ahead of the competition and start making a name for your blog.


You should be publishing holiday and other “date” related blog posts 6 – 8 weeks ahead of time.  By doing so, your content can start ranking for popular keywords ahead of the competition.

Think about it – when do you start looking for holiday recipes, gifts, things to do, etc.?  Even if you’re a last minute kind of person, many people aren’t.  They get their ideas ahead of time so that they’re prepared when the big day arrives.  You should take this same attitude with your blog.

Use a content calendar to stay organized and never miss an opportunity to leverage popular topics to grow your blog.  You can get started with my Printable Planner For Bloggers which you can download for free right here.  It includes everything you need to start planning your content and tracking your blog’s growth!

What’s Happening In May

May is a busy month and there are several opportunities to write themed content that will attract new readers to your blog.  Here are some popular happenings in May that you need to know about:

Obviously, that’s already a lot of opportunity for popular blog post ideas!  That’s just the well-known topics of interest for the month of May.


With the help of, you can find so many other special and unique May holidays like Lupus Awareness Month, National Bike Week, Eat What You Want Day and even No Sock Day!  You’re sure to find something to write about for May that will interest (or amuse) your target audience.

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo time, my Blogging Amigos!  For this fun-filled, alcohol-induced holiday (at least in my experience, anyway), there are a few options for content.

Here’s what shows up for Cinco de Mayo on Pinterest and Google, the two platforms you definitely want your blog content to rank on:



Those are the most popular keywords that people are searching for related to Cinco De Mayo.  The “Cincinnati” option may have popped up because I’m in Cincinnati, even though I used an incognito tab.  You can perform your own searches to see what results you get, but I’m sure most of them will be the same.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a topic that can be covered by any niche.  Gift guides are super popular, so that’s one post you should definitely write for your readers.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to include your best affiliate links and possibly make a few extra dollars in May.


As you can see, gifts are where it’s at as far as top searches for Mother’s Day.

Keep in mind, it can be difficult to rank for the top searched keywords if your blog is fairly new or doesn’t have much clout in either search engine.  I suggest finding topics that will still be popular blog post ideas, and give you a better a chance to rank.

Use a tool like Ubersuggest to determine the best keywords with the highest probability for ranking.

You can also find popular blog post ideas and longtail keywords that are easier to rank for on Pinterest.  For example, type Mother’s Day in the search bar and hit “enter”.  Directly below, you’ll see several keyword suggestions to add with “Mother’s Day” that people are also searching for.

It will be easier to rank for one or more of those suggestions than just using “Mother’s Day” as your only keyword.

Memorial Day

If you’re audience is in the U.S., Memorial Day is an opportunity for several popular blog post ideas for May.  This holiday is always observed on the last Monday in May, “honoring the men and women that died while serving the U.S. military“.

For many, Memorial Day also marks the unofficial beginning of Summer.  There are a lot of awesome sales going on for just about any product, so another opportunity to make some cash!  Here are the popular ideas for Memorial Day:



May is also the month of high-school and college graduations.  You can get creative with this topic and make it work for your niche.  Check out these popular searches:


School Is Out

Other popular blog post ideas for May can stem from the fact that school’s out for the summer.  You can officially launch those Summer-related posts like:

  • Summer Vacation Ideas
  • Summer Outfits & Swimwear
  • Summer Activities

You can share your own Summer Bucket List like this one from Design Loves Detail.  Ask your readers and subscribers to engage with by sharing their own plans for the summer.  Then, use it as an opportunity to check back in to check their progress.


Now that I’ve shared the popular blog post ideas for May, take what you’ve learned and get to work!  Staying ahead of trends and using a content calendar to plan your content will help you drive more traffic to your blog.

Please let me know which ideas you plan to use for your May content in the comments section below.  Also, if you have experience with any other popular blog topics for May, I’d love to know about them.

What To Do Next

If you want to start thinking about content for June, keep these June holidays in mind:

  • Flag Day (June 14)
  • Father’s Day (Third Sunday in June)
  • Summer Solstice – First official day of Summer (June 21)

Get Active On Pinterest

I use Pinterest as my main platform for promoting blog content.  If you’re not using it yet, you’ve got to start right away, no matter what niche your in!  Pinterest users are looking for inspiration and solutions.  If you keep that in mind when creating your content, you’ll explode your blog’s traffic by pinning it to Pinterest!

Check out these related posts, which will help you crush it on Pinterest:

If you’re using Pinterest already but can’t seem to make it work for you, I can help!  Take a look at my Pinterest Audit, which also includes a personalized Pinterest Success Guide so that you can start reaping all of the benefits of Pinterest.

Until next time…

Happy Blogging!

The Most Popular Blog Post Ideas For May

10 thoughts on “The Most Popular Blog Post Ideas For May”

  1. Thanks for all these helpful tips and dates. Always helpful to have when you hit writers block for sure.


  2. An interesting approach to finding blog ideas for blog topics in may. I like your strategy in general for finding awesome click-worthy topics and think I will give it a go. Thanks for your post.

  3. Ah, such a great idea to think ahead and to plan according to what will be popular and sought after! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas. Awesome!

  4. This is an amazing post. I didn’t even think of these holidays. When I started to take blogging seriously. I thought I’d get inspiration from every day being a National something Day like National Popcorn Day, National Friendship Day and so on. I didn’t. I like this better.

  5. I love this! We started using a content calendar for the first time in January (in order to better craft content for our target audience; instead of haphazardly creating it the way we had done previously). I love it, because I always feel like we have a focus and never feel stuck and never feel random. And though we are behind with the featured theme of the month, because I know what’s coming, when I see something that fits for a future planned theme, I clip it—and start drafting it—along the way. Thanks for reminding how much more organized I feel after having implemented this system.

    1. I know what you mean! I get behind but seeing it on the calendar keeps it in the back of my mind so I will watch for relevant resources and ideas while working on other content. One goal I have for 2019 is to increase the number of weekly posts – a content calendar is keeping me on track for meeting that goal.
      Hope you found some other helpful tips on the blog too! Thanks for your feedback.

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