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Best Blogging Coach -10 Benefits To Look For When Hiring A Blog Coach

Before making an investment in blog coaching you want to make sure you have the best blogging coach available.  If you’re new to blogging, it’s easy to be misled when weighing your options, since you’re not yet familiar with everything that goes into building a successful blog.

This post shares the 10 benefits you should look for to get the best blogging coach, whether you choose Angel at Next Level Blogging or another coach for your blog.

1. Has Experience As A Blogger & Blog Coach

There are many bloggers that consider themselves a blog coach when they haven’t been blogging very long. They haven’t experienced the ups and downs that come with blogging, so they don’t know the strategies to pull out of a lull in traffic.

Next Level Blogging has three successful blogs up and running and has been a blogging coach since 2017.  One of her clients has become one of the #1 food bloggers in the United States!  Experience pays off.

2. Doesn’t Make False Promises

Blogging is hard work and without diligence, you won’t be successful – period.  There are a lot of other factors too that will effect your results with your blog, so a good blogging coach will not make any promises.

If you plan to monetize your blog, you have to understand that first, you need traffic – if there’s no one visiting your blog, then no one is seeing what you’re offering.

A good blog coach will be upfront about the possibilities, but also honest about everything you’ll have to do in order to make things happen.

3. Offers A Clear Plan Of Action For Blog Coaching

The best blogging coach will have a clear plan of action for helping you meet your blogging goals, before you ever pay for coaching.  I’m able to provide my recommendations for a coaching plan based off of our free discovery session. 

First and foremost, your blog needs a strong foundation before working on driving traffic to your blog.  This includes:

  • Website optimized for collecting email subscribers and social shares
  • Email marketing basics, including automation
  • 5 to 10 quality blog posts, optimized for SEO

Next Level Blogging will help you build this strong foundation, then teach you step-by-step how to grow your blog, creating an engaged audience that wants to buy your offers!

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4. Has Excellent Listening Skills

If you run into a blog coach that talks over you or doesn’t ask about your goals and obstacles, watch out!  The best blogging coach is an excellent listener and will address your needs directly.

A blogging coach that doesn’t listen will likely be pushing you to sign up for services without really hearing what your needs are.

If you have a bad feeling, trust your gut.

5. Allows For Questions Between Sessions

You will almost always have questions about how to implement the strategies learned in coaching sessions.  Make sure you find out about the communication between sessions.

Does this blogging coach allow for unlimited email communication?  What about texts or phone calls?  Choose a coach that is open to answering your questions so you don’t feel abandoned.

6. Offers Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions

This is important.  If your blogging coach doesn’t offer coaching sessions weekly, look for another coach.  After being a blog coach for over six years, I’ve learned the habits of my clients.  I always offer weekly sessions, but occasionally clients will miss sessions. I try to be as flexible as possible for clients, offering evening and weekend coaching sessions.

Hiring a blogging coach is an investment in yourself and your future as a successful blogger.  With Next Level Blogging, we meet virtually once per week and stay in touch between those weekly sessions.  This keeps you motivated to complete tasks and guarantees that you’ll see progress with growing your blog.

7. Assigns Tasks Or “Homework” Each Week

The best blogging coach will be giving you “homework” to complete each week, based on what is discussed during your blog coaching sessions.  This keeps you moving forward and keeps your coaching plan on track for meeting your goals.

Next Level Blogging provides you with a weekly “Action Plan”, which lists tasks to be completed before your next coaching session.  The Action Plan is accompanied by links and resources that will help you complete each task so that you don’t have to search all over the internet for answers.  Plus, Angel is always available by email or text if you still have questions about assigned tasks.

8. Offers Blog Coaching Services At Reasonable Prices

Each blogging coach sets their own pricing for their services, so the cost can vary significantly from coach to coach.  The best blogging coach for you may cost more than another blog coach.

Choose A Blog Coaching Package Over Individual Coaching Sessions

Keep in mind that to get the most value from blog coaching you’ll need multiple sessions with your blogging coach.  Hiring a coach for one session only is really a waste unless you have one specific obstacle that you have questions about.  For instance, if you just want to learn how to add an email sign-up form to your website, or you just need help optimizing your Home page.

But, if you want more in-depth training or would like to learn how to monetize your blog, you’ll need a coach that offers coaching packages.

You’ll usually save money by choosing a package over paying for individual coaching sessions.  My clients love my “Action Taker” package, which is for three months of blog coaching.  This package allows for building a strong foundation for your blog, plus learning strategies to build your email list and grow your blog traffic.  My clients start to see the results of their efforts, which makes them excited about the future of their blog.

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Don’t Overspend Or Underspend

An experienced blogging coach will charge between $100 – $250 per session, anything more than that is probably too much.  You might find a blog coach for a cheaper price, but most likely they are not as experienced or aren’t confident with their program yet.

You have to remember that your blogging coach puts a lot of work into your coaching package (or they should, anyway), so you’re not just paying for the weekly one-hour session.  As a coach myself, here are a few of the things I spend time on for my clients:

  • Deep dive into my client’s blog and social media accounts.  I review each post (or several), and page on your website, finding strategies for improving your content and optimizing your website.
  • Create workbooks, checklists, and other resources to complement your coaching sessions.
  • Research relevant resources, connect with other bloggers and experts, make sure that I can answer every single question that you come up with.
  • Analyze your WordPress dashboard to make sure your settings are optimized, reviewing your plugins and making suggestions to improve the speed and security of your website.

Keep that in mind when reviewing the prices charged by different blogging coaches.  Yes, it’s an investment, but with the right coach it’s one that’s well worth it.  You can review Next Level Blogging’s blog coaching package pricing here. 

9. Offers A Free Discovery Session Or Consultation

You really do need to meet a blogging coach before you hire them to make sure it’s a good fit.  If the blogging coach doesn’t offer you a free discovery session or free consultation before signing up, you should just cross them off of your list.

This is your chance to “interview” your potential coach and ask questions, including those items on this list.  If you’re ready to schedule a free discovery session with Angel at Next Level Blogging, you can do so here.

10. More Than A Blogging Coach

The best blogging coach will be more than just a blogging coach.

During your discovery session, make sure that you have good chemistry with your coach.  Even the best blogging coach on paper may not be the best fit for you. Are you able to talk freely and feel heard and understood?  Do you share a laugh or two, or relate on some level?  The coach that will get you the best results is a qualified coach that matches your vibe.

Remember, for several weeks or even months you’ll be sharing your blogging journey with this one person.  Make sure they’re going to be a mentor and cheerleader.

Conclusion – Finding The Best Blogging Coach

Finding the best blogging coach may take some research but it’s well worth it in the end.  Your decision will determine the results you receive so you want to make sure you do your due diligence.

If you’d like to start your search for the best blogging coach, schedule a free discovery session with Angel now.

Good luck in your search!

Best Blogging Coach -10 Benefits To Look For When Hiring A Blog Coach

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