Next Level Blogging Is Committed To Your Success

At Next Level Blogging, we are dedicated to helping you and your small business succeed, and we’re proud to offer a variety of services to help you achieve your goals.

From offering affordable consultation and website design services to customized social media management, Next Level Blogging is here to meet your needs as a business owner, taking care of your digial marketing needs so you can focus on the growth of your business.

If you’re a blogger, you’re in luck! Blogging is our specialty and Next Level Blogging offers everything you need for your blog, as well as a private blogger community, that will increase traffic and email conversions, teach you how to monetize your blog, and provide support every step of the way.

Website/Blog Design

Small Business Package

Next Level Blogging will create a new website for your blog or small business that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Ou Small Business Package includes a premium mobile-responsive theme, complete design, including images, of your Home Page, and 3 – 5 other pages based on your needs.

This package also includes a 30-minute consultation before we begin design, so we can be sure that we will build a website that will exceed your expectations.

Next Level Blogging will also provide a training session upon completion, so that you’ll understand the functionality of your new website.

Completion Time: 1 -2 Weeks

Price: Starting At $695

Full-Service Package

Our Full-Service Package includes everything in the Small Business Package, but is for those that need additional functionality on your website, including Job Boards, Affiliate Networks, Private Communities, Memberships, etc.

You will also receive additional support, including 30-days of phone and email support.

Completion Timeline 2 – 3 Weeks

Price: Starting at $995

Monthly Maintenance

Next Level Blogging offers monthly maintenance services for your website, including theme and plugin updates, changes to Pages if your content needs updated frequently, even webhosting services! Skip the IT department and save big money with our Monthly Support.

Price: Starting As Low As $29 Per Month

Custom Image Design

If you’re a blogger and have trouble creating images for your blog, website, or social media accounts, Next Level Blogging can help with our Custom Image Packages!

ProBound Starter Package

Our Starter Package includes 6 custom image templates, including 2 each for Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook/Instagram, created to match your brand.

These templates are fully customizable with Canva’s free image-editing tools, making creating professional images a breeze!

The Starter Package also includes 2 bonus blog post image templates, optimized for your blog’s theme.

Completion Time: 1 – 2 Days

Price: $20

ProBound Premium Package

Our Premium Package includes 4 templates for each of your social media platforms (up to 5 platforms), plus 4 custom blog post templates.

Completion Time: 2 – 4 Days

Price: $50

Social Media Management

Next Level Blogging will handle some, or all, of your social media needs!

Account Design Package

Next Level Blogging will setup your business account on any platform, including the cover/backgound image design, adding your logo, verifying your website (if needed), and making sure your branding is consistent, all across the web!

Completion Time: 1 – 2 Days

Price: $150 Per Account or 3 Accounts $400

Account Management Silver Package

Let Next Level Blogging handle your businesses social media engagement!

Our Silver Package includes 2 custom images per week, 10 posts per week, plus up to 3 hours of engagement with your audience!

We’ll make sure your active on social media so you can focus on your clients.

Price: $200/Month Per Account – Discounts Available With 3 or more accounts

Account Management Gold Package

Our Gold Package steps it up a notch.

You’ll get 10 custom images per week, in addition to up to 6 hours of engagement with your audience per month.

A consistent presence on social media can make your business gain authority in your industry or niche.

Price: $350/Month Per Account – Discounts available with 3 or more accounts

Account Management Platinum Package

Next Level Blogging will handle all of your social media needs with our Platinum Package.

Everything from our Gold Package is included, plus we’ll manage your followers and unfollowers for you.  We will find you account followers that are already interested in products and services like yours, in your target market and add them to your audience!

With this geo-targeting and enhanced engagement, your social media audience are more likely to go from followers to  customers.

Price $495/Month Per Account – Discounts available with 3 or more accounts

Get A Free Quote

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to us!

We know that you are not planning to build a cookie-cutter website, and that’s why we do not offer cookie-cutter pricing for our services. Don’t let that scare you off! That does NOT mean “too expensive”. Next Level Blogging will customize a price that’s right for you, your brand, and your budget.

Call us directly at 937-583-1997 or send an email to with your contact information and a brief description of your needs, and we will get started right away with helping you take your blog to the next level.


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