A New Printable Planner Created Just For Bloggers

A New Printable Planner Created Just For Bloggers

Every December, since I started blogging, I’ve been searching for the perfect planner for bloggers.

You know, the planner that will actually get me organized for the new year to come.  I shop several local stores and online retailers, hoping to find one that will meet all of my needs.

I have found a few planners online that are pretty darn close to what I’m looking for.  Unfortunately, those planners also come with a hefty price tag of $50 or more.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot justify spending $50 on something that is made out of paper and DOESN’T have what I need.

So, instead, every year I purchase the nicest planner I can find for around $20 – $25, telling myself I can make it work.

The problem is, once I get started with my actual goal setting for the year, I can’t make it work.

The planner I end up choosing is really nothing more than a calendar with lines to write on for each day.

Sure, there are a few sheets of lined paper with a pretty border around the edges in the back of the “planner”, to write ideas on, but it’s never quite what I need.

So every year, I end up deserting the planner and using about 10 notebooks instead to keep track of everything.

Using those notebooks is definitely not enough to keep me together and I’ve missed out on a few opportunities by relying on this method.

Enough is enough.

ProBound Planner For Bloggers

This year, while doing my annual shopping for a calendar with lines to write on, something finally clicked.

I decided to create my own planner, with all of the features I need to stay on target for reaching my blogging goals next year.


Finally, a planner created just for bloggers.  Although I initially created this planner for myself, I realized I can’t be the only blogger that will benefit from this planner.

So guess what?  You can have one, too!

ProBound Planner Features

Say goodbye to keeping track of your goals in spiral notebooks.  The ProBound Planner For Bloggers will not only help you identify your goals, but will keep you focused achieving them in the new year.

Monthly View

A page with a monthly calendar so you have a visual for the entire month.

The monthly view page has a section for holidays and events for the month, so you don’t miss an opportunity to write relevant blog posts.  This also helps you create a plan for promoting your affiliate links.

There’s also a Blog Post Planning section, so you can know what you’ll be writing about.

Monthly Stats & Goals

Keep track of your growth and set goals for your social media accounts and your website.

The Monthly Stats & Goals page gives you the opportunity to get a visual of where you are, where you’d like to be, and your final numbers for the month.

Nothing is more motivating than seeing growth and hitting your goals!

Weekly Stats & Goals

The Weekly Stats & Goals page gives you a chance to set goals for each week.  By doing so, you’ll know that you’re on target to meet your monthly goals with your social media accounts and your blog analytics.


Daily View

My favorite part of this planner is the Daily View pages.

Each day, you can start with listing 3 things that you’re grateful for, to start your day on the right track.  The Daily View also includes sections to keep track of appointments and goals for the day, including your social media and website tasks.  If that’s not enough, there’s plenty of space to write other plans for the day.

Bonus Pages

What about everything else you need to keep track of?

I’ve created several bonus pages for the ProBound Planner For Bloggers to help you keep track of information that will make you more productive.

Facebook Group Tracker

A great place to connect with other bloggers and see significant growth for your blog can be found in Facebook groups.  I’ve included a Facebook Group Tracker page, so you can keep track of the promotion threads in each group you belong to.

Tribe Tracker

Building your blogger tribe is key to your blog’s success.  Connecting with other bloggers opens up doors for collaboration and guest posting, as well as building new friendships.  The Tribe Tracker page makes it easy for you to keep track of your blogger friends and their contact information

Guest Post Tracker

I hope that you’re including goals for guest posting in the new year.  Contributing a guest post to another blog helps drive new traffic and build your email list with readers interested in your niche.  The Guest Post Tracker page gives you the chance to keep track of guest post submissions.

Password Tracker

Say goodbye to lost passwords.  The Password Tracker page keeps your login and password information at your fingertips.  Be mindful of the information you write down, though.  You don’t want a stranger to find your planner and have access to your bank account.  This page is geared more towards blogging resources.


Blogging Expense Tracker

Keep track of what you’re spending as a blogger.  The Blogging Expense Tracker helps you remember those monthly fees for the tools and resources you use regularly.

Affiliate Tracker

If monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing is on your list of goals, the Affiliate Tracker page is for you.  Easily keep track of the merchants you work with, the products you promote, the login url for your affiliate account, and the commission you earn per sale.

Goal Setting

Set your goals for the year and put them down in writing.  The Goal Setting pages keep your goals in the forefront of your mind.  Set the goal and list a few ways to reach your goal.  Then break your goal down into easy-to-obtain chunks.  Let’s tackle those blogging goals this year.  I’m here to help with whatever you need 🙂

Blog Post Ideas

We all have those moments when the perfect idea for a blog post comes to us.  The Blog Post Ideas page gives you a space to write down those ideas before you forget them.

Blank Page

Is there something else that you like to keep track of?  I’ve created a blank page that you can customize to meet your needs.  Just write your title at the top, and use it for whatever floats your boat.  Print as many copies as necessary to add to your new planner.

Get Your ProBound Planner For Bloggers

So, as you can see, I’ve tried to cover all of the items you need in a printable planner.

The ProBound Planner For Bloggers is available for you as an instant download, for only $15 with Coupon Code CRUSH2018Download yours now, so you can start planning your year like a boss.

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31 thoughts on “A New Printable Planner Created Just For Bloggers

  1. How awesome! I definitely needed a planner or something to keep track of booking clients, homeschooling, business, etc. Thankfully my Hubs got me one for Christmas but these are awesome resources to take a look at as well!

    • That’s great, Chelsea. Just set realistic goals and knock them out in small chunks. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish by just putting things in writing. Good luck and keep me posted on your progress.

  2. As a Facebook blogger, I must say that these are just what I need for this upcoming year! Thanks a lot for sharing! I really appreciate your efforts for creating these for us bloggers!

  3. This is sooo awesome! I love planners and the fact that I can make my own now (with the help of this post of course :P) makes it more exciting!

  4. Your reasons are similar to mine and why I started making my own planners. I couldn’t spend the $$ on something that wasn’t what I needed. I love being able to customize mine to what I want. I do confess though in 2017 I used a pre-made one.. and plan on doing so for 2018 too.

  5. Very neat and organized! I pinned it. Does it come as an actual book? How many times do you post a week ? I’ve been posting twice a week but I will have to go to once a week because I have an exam to study for . I’m curious to know more about staying relevant with one post a week !

    • Hi Anissa. I try to post at least once a week, but I honestly wish I had time to post more. It’s really more about quality, long posts (over 1500 words) do much better in terms of traffic. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t post twice every week. Just make sure when you do post, it’s worth reading.
      Unfortunately, the idea of creating my own planner came too late in the year to arrange printing as an actual book. Next year though, it will be available both as a digital download and a hard copy.

  6. Love the planner! It’s super useful to keep track of goals, passwords/accounts and blog post ideas. We have so many random on-the-spot ideas but we always forget to write them down, so this is a great solution. 🙂

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